In today’s world having a business is challenging enough, now add a communication barrier and you have a recipe for disaster which could lead you to lose potential clients.  Not being able to communicate with a prospective client is both frustrating for you and your client and you could be potentially missing out on millions of dollars in revenue. Let us help you bridge the communication gap and take advantage of this emerging market. We can help your business grow!

News and Updates


On April 8, 2008 we had our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony followed by a lovely reception. We thank all that were present to celebrate with us. View link for picture. Ribbon1.jpg

On the 13 of March 2008 EBS received a Honorable Mentioned Certificate from the Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce for the renovations done on the office space. We worked very hard to get the office ready for opening and we're happy to have received the recognition. View link for picture. PropertyImprovementAward.jpg

On February 2008 EBS participated in the Ice Festival of Chambersburg. The event was a hit, it was very well attended even though the first day was extremely cold. We had free hot chocolate and candy for all. View link for picture. Ice Fest 2

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